TableTools2 - a Firefox Addon to Sort, Search, Summarize, Filter, Copy, Chart, Rearrange, Combine & Compare HTML Tables!
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New in V1.17

  • Fixed a bug that disabled filtering on tables on the 'about:support' page
  • Added ca locale (thanks to jmontane at BabelZilla)
  • Properly included pt-BR locale that was included in v1.16 but not enabled

New in V1.16

  • Fixed a bug with combining tables (first lines of the 2nd or later tables get merged with last lines of previous table).

New in V1.15

  • Sorting speed significantly increased for very large tables.
  • Alphanumerical data sorted correctly now (v1.13 had a typo in code so it didn't work in some cases).
  • Unique count for values in column is now consistent with total count when dealing with empty values (previously unique count sometimes counts empty value).
  • pt-BR locale added (thanks to Babelzilla's maurojs10)

New in V1.13

  • Fixed a bug sorting alphanumerical values.
  • Changed to smaller and clearer sorting arrow images.

New in V1.12

  • Fixed a bug where tabs inside table cells ruin the format of copied tab-delimited tables.

New in V1.11

  • Fixed a bug where alphanumerical column always sorted ascending.

New in V1.10

  • Fixed a minor bug where value of hidden input gets used in filter/copy etc.
  • Changed sorting arrow images to be inline and CSS now in file (not in JS code).
  • Updated max version number to 5.*.

New in V1.08

  • Fixed ctrl+rightClick not working for moving column/row shortcut.
  • Now ctrl+rightClick is the default shortcut for moving column/row shortcut (so users can still use ctrl+leftClick to select cells easily).
  • Improve efficiency by only tracking mousemove when 'move col/row' shortcut was triggered.
  • Minor code change for events.

New in V1.07

  • Fixed a bug introduced in v1.05 that causes many error messages (although it does not affect functionality).

New in V1.06

  • Removed the extra newline char at the end of the copied text which could overwrite the content of the next row when pasting into Excel.

New in V1.05

  • Added option to change/disable the default shortcut (ctrl+left click) for moving column/row.
  • Added options to disable copying the column headings when copying selected rows and/or cells.
  • Allow single row/column/cell copying for the currently clicked cell even if it's not selected.
  • Fixed minor bugs copying selected rows and cells.

New in V1.0

  • For Mac users, now the Ctrl key used in all shortcuts (including drag-n-drop row/column) is switched to Command key! So the shortcuts work now.
  • Also for Mac, now context menu is hidden if you do a TableTools2-specific shortcut containing right mouse click (like Command+Alt+RightClick to sort multi-column, it used to be that the context menu will show up and stay there after sorting. Now it's hidden).
  • Changed restart shortcut to Ctrl+Alt+R from Ctrl+Shift+R (Command+Alt+R on Mac), so that the default force-refresh shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+R) of Firefox is preserved.
  • Fix charting issues for column names that contains consecutive space characters
  • X, Y for scatter chart were mislabeled as X label, Y label. Now fixed.
  • Fixed issue where click-n-drag shows no column div
  • Fixed a couple other minor issues/improved code.
  • Added es, da locales and updated de locale (thanks to BabelZilla's chuzo, Joergen and ucn)
  • Again thanks to BabelZilla's jojaba,k2jp,Lakrits,yfdyh000,erglo for all previous/updated translations!

New in V0.997

  • Isaac's CanvasXpress fixed Chart mouse over issue when drawing a new chart over old chart, and has some new features (e.g., "Other" for pie charts with more than 20 slices).
  • Fixed issue that TableTools2-specific CSS code was literally added into the WordPress admin's editing editing frame and got displayed (instead of being hidden from view).
  • Added de locale and updated zh-CN locale (thanks to BabelZilla's erglo and yfdyh000)

New in V0.996

  • Added fr, jp, sv-SE locales (thanks to BabelZilla's jojaba, k2jp, Lakrits)
  • Fixed a minor localization issue.

New in V0.995

  • Press 'Ctrl' key while clicking mouse & dragging enables moving columns and rows! (click inside first column to drag rows, other columns to drag columns)
  • Ctrl+Shift+R restarts Firefox (default is off, can be turned on in Options)
  • Charting page interface is now localized.
  • A number of charting bugs fixed by Isaac and myself.

New in V0.99:

  • First public release!
  • Too many features to list here. Just look at 'Home' for info