TableTools2 - a Firefox Addon to Sort, Search, Summarize, Filter, Copy, Chart, Rearrange, Combine & Compare HTML Tables!
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DateUnrecognized CurrencyIP addressesImages & formsNumbersCurrency
06,01.96252.253.244.189dide chilie- 83.48 E -04$371.41
07/17/53YMB -201.08madi mady 170.56 E +04
10.16-05YMB -108.69-94$404.6
08.17/1967YMB -396.0288.233.19.89tebo seca-38.20E+03$-346.7
10.16-05YMB -208.69-94$304.6
08.17/1967YMB -396.0288.233.9.90tebo seca-38.20E+03$-346.7
10.16-05YMB -308.69-96$404.6
08.17/1967YMB -396.0288.233.9.89tebo seca-18.20E+03$-56.7
10.16-05YMB -408.69-94$504.6
08.17/1967YMB -396.0288.233.9.89tebo seca-28.20E+03$-346.7
10.16-05YMB -408.69-94$404.6
08.17/1967YMB -396.0288.233.9.89tebo seca-38.20E+03$-346.7
06,19,1959YMB -387.36219.115.156.141cade tonbo$176.1
01,18/85YMB 175.41186.114.137.213 94.15 E -06$481.45
08/10/63YMB -298.92113.231.1.79vady liete138.54E+05$382.94
10/22/75YMB 61.76170.138.54.12chidi sema-91$-219.28