Mingyi Liu's Website

Bioinformatics Software
  1. Pathway Explorer - highly customizable pathway/system data visualization/analysis tool:

  2. Interactive Mutation Viewer - flexible and customizable sequencing data viewer software package:

  3. EntrezGene ASN.1 format parser (an efficient and reliable parser used by Bioperl):

Browser Extensions

Fastest Search (Firefox Pick of the Month 09/2013) helps you search/browse faster than ever!
TableTools2 (Featured Firefox Addon) is the best browser-based HTML table toolset by far!
All 5 of my Firefox addon pages on Mozilla site: Fastest Search, TableTools2, DCCT, Image2Icon, Filename2Caption.
My Google Chrome addon page on Chrome Gallery: DCCT.
Standalone Software
MJ's CD Archiver (donateware where donation is NO LONGER requested) is VERY useful for cleaning up hard drive/archiving disks.
autocomplete menu is still useful.