TableTools2 - a Firefox Addon to Sort, Search, Summarize, Filter, Copy, Chart, Rearrange, Combine & Compare HTML Tables!
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Install TableTools2 For FireFox

If you love TableTools2 and would like to contribute, you could:

  • Donation - If you have the means to give back for the many hours I put into TableTools2, it's much appreciated! No Paypal account needed.
  • Spread the Word - Let your colleagues, friends and families know this tool! Let your corporate software developers know that it's best that they code the data tables in plain HTML. Putting data in those fancy grids is both slow and less functional!
  • Write a review - It took me years (on and off) to perfect this addon and provide it for free, please take a few minutes to review it if you like it!
  • Help Localizing TableTools2 - Please go to Babelzilla and help translating TableTools2 into your native language.
  • Check out My Inspirations - My older son set a world record by performing in EVERY one of the 3 halls inside the world-famous Carnegie Hall by age 8. Check out his piano videos if you are in the mood for some classical music.

For feedback/bug reports, please send an email to