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Calling for translators for Fastest Search (FireFox Addon)

  • Due to file size limitation, I plan to include up to 7 translations by default. These locales are STRONGLY preferred due to the current user numbers:
  • Russian, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Polish, Italian
  • NOTE: The translation file is 47kb in size! A lot needs to be translated, so thanks a lot in advance! You can also realize how much work I did for this really excellent addon I myself love.
  • If you are enthusiastic enough to make a translation on another locale anyhow, if you translate it earlier than all other locales, I will include it by default. Otherwise I will offer a separate addon download that includes the locale on this page.

How to translate Fastest Search?

  1. Optionally: download Fastest Search v2.20 here and install it - no browser restart necessary. This would help you understand where the strings in the file below are in the user interface.
  2. Download this file and translate it in your own language then name your file as {locale}.properties, e.g: “” or “”
  3. Once you're done, please email your translation to me using email below. Please let me know how you want your name displayed/credited in Fastest Search's 'About' link in its Options panel. Thanks again for your translation effort!

For questions/bug reports, please send an email to