Fastest Search - an Addon helping Firefox beat Google Chrome Instant and does much more!
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Search Features
  • The BEST ever text search, bar none! - Search current tab, all or filtered tabs with regular expression/whole-word, optional find-as-you-type, Match count/distribution/context/navigation. No browser/other addon could match this addon!
  • Make Firefox LocationBar much better than Google Instant!
  • Use customizable shortcuts to launch search on any one/multiple/category of engines instantly
  • Any textbox of webpage or Firefox's urlBar/SearchBar/FindBar is a searchbox
  • A large number of engines are pre-included & when you type best suggestions for keyword is provided
  • Adding a custom search engine is NEVER easier!
  • Manage all engines (edit/import searchbar/export/remove) in the 'Manage Search Engines' panel
  • Multi-tab preview provided for results of all searches!
  • Address completion - e.g., use ';gm pizza near ;h ' syntax anywhere (or 'gm pizza near ;h' in URLBar/SearchBar) to search for pizza place near home on Google Maps!
  • Ctrl + ';' shortcut to focus inside 1st textbox on page, allowing fast search again.
  • Don't like Instant? Its speed can be adjusted in options, or turned it off with one checkbox or individually.
Search Features (Cont'd)
  • Select text on page & click one of 7 preset icons in the popped up Smart Searchbox to search right away!
  • Right click on an icon to preview search result instead of opening tab
  • Easily designate any engine you want in Smart Searchbox up to an unlimited number of engines/engine categories.
  • To change the popped up default engine to one you want, just type the desired engine shortcut (no need to focus in the Smart Searchbox's textbox first)
  • Press 'tab' key to bring the engine and selected text to Firefox searchbar to modify the text before searching.
  • Press 'ctrl' key to hide popup, press 'shift' key to bring it up again.
  • Get driving directions from home to selected address with only 3 keystrokes!. From address to home takes just one more keystroke.
  • Optionally make the popup not show (pressing 'shift' still brings it up) or shows at arbitrary positions relative to mouse.
  • Get local weather/Calculator from anywhere.
  • Adds another search box at bottom of Google web/video/news/shopping pages for your convenience.
AutoCopy / Drag&Drop Features
  • Select text on a webpage & the text is automatically copied onto clipboard.
  • Selected text inside text input box, textarea and HTML editor iframes is NOT auto-copied.
  • Click middle mouse button to paste text into textboxes.
  • 'smart copy&paste' feature for quick URL copying, select-all copying and paste-n-go.
  • Right click & drag links to 4 zones (UpperRight, UpperLeft, LowerRight, LowerLeft) to open links in tabs on left/right in fore/background.
  • Right click & drag images saves the image automatically into one of 4 directories.
  • 'Force find image' option saves background images and lifts the block websites place on right clicking on image (respect the copyright & save only the incorrect blocks!)
  • Press 'Shift' key while drag and drop to change save location, 'Alt' key changes file name, 'Ctrl+Alt' key force find image, all on the fly!
  • Click-n-drag links leaves a blue trail while image leaves a red trail. Very useful when dragging images that have links (images are dragged by default, press 'ctrl' key to force dragging links).

Why wait? Check out the demo videos for the amazing number of features and you'll want to install Fastest Search now!

If this Addon helps you, please consider donate or contribute other ways - It continues to take me away from family since summer 2011 as I build this complex addon from ground up!