Fastest Search - an Addon helping Firefox beat Google Chrome Instant and does much more!
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Contribute to Fastest Search For FireFox

If you love Fastest Search and would like to contribute, you could:

  • Enable the Fastest Shopping Assistant - It helps you find the best price when doing online shopping while helping me to further develop Fastest Search!
  • Donation - If you have the means to give back for the many hours I put into Fastest Search, it's much appreciated! Credit card accepted.
  • Spread the Word - Let your colleagues, friends and families know this tool!
  • Write a review - It took me years (on and off) to perfect this addon and provide it for free, please take a few minutes to review it if you like it!
  • Check out My Inspirations - My older son set a world record by performing in EVERY one of the 3 halls inside the world-famous Carnegie Hall by age 8. Check out his piano videos if you are in the mood for some classical music.

For feedback/bug reports, please send an email to