Fastest Search - an Addon helping Firefox beat Google Chrome Instant and does much more!
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Brand new Fastest Search users MUST READ:

  1. Where to find Options <- Just watch the first minute!
  2. How to disable a feature
  3. If needing help to use/enable features, watch the indexed video guides below
  4. For feedback/bug reports, email

Video guide on some main features of Fastest Search

Fastest Shopping Assistant (temporarily disabled since v3.38.0)

  • Real-life Screenshot that shows its benefit (click to open a larger version):

  • One important change in v3.20 is the addition of the Fastest Shopping Assistant, which provides product price comparison ability for users in many countries through a visual search powered by Superfish. It finds the products identical or similar to the one you are looking at and their pricing, using an index of over 300 million product offers from tens of thousands of merchants. The recommended product(s), once found, will show up under the product image on the web page.
  • For more details on the Superfish technology, you can visit Superfish
  • Note that using this technology could help you find the best price on what you want to buy, and also helps support Fastest Search (if you make a purchase on one of the recommended products). Hopefully you would find it useful as I do sometimes when I shop online!
  • Finally, if you do not want this feature and don't care about supporting Fastest Search through this method or at all, you can disable it very easily following instruction in FAQ page. (basically just click on icon and uncheck the option).