MCA is a special donateware where all proceeds are directly donated to charity, while all developement effort and server maintanence are provided by the software authors. The details are organized below in a question & answer format:

  1. Do I need to register to use the software?
    During the evaluation period, registration is not required. However, to continue to legally use the software after the evaluation period, you must register your copy of software by paying for the appropriate license. We did not create time or function limitation on the software because we trust that after evaluation period, users would be willing to donate to the charity we designated, after which we will provide registration key for free (once we received donation confirmation from the charity). See details below.

  2. How do I register?
    Please go to here to pay through a credit card (secure transaction provided by Paypal) or Paypal account. You are in reality making cash donation to a registered charity as MCA authors will not receive any money. However, the charity will notify us of your donation payment and we will immediately provide the registration key for you for free.

  3. What will I get for registrating my copy of the software?
    By registering, you will get a registration key that will unlock the software on all supported operating systems. Since you are really making a donation to a registered charity when you register, you should be able to deduct the registration fee as cash donation when you file tax return as far as I know (however, to confirm the tax benefit, please consult your tax advisor). Most important of all, however, is that your donation will go directly to poor kids that need it the most, to obtain basic education that would enable them to win the struggle against poverty once and for all.

  4. Who is NACEF?
    NACEF (North America Chinese Education Foundation) is a US-based charity that has been in existence since 1998. It is listed on CharityAmerica at here.