MJ's CD Archiver (MCA)


MJ's CD Archiver (MCA) is a data CD/DVD/HD (hard drive) archiver that combines high performance & usability with a simple & intuitive user interface. Using MCA one can archive the data in one's whole CD/DVD/HD collection and search on the file names using DOS-styled wildcards, case-(in)sensitive, whole word (exact) match, and even regular expression for power users, or filter files by options such as file size, modification time, archive time etc. Search results are delivered instantly even if you have hundreds of thousands of files. One can also further filter previous search results and store search results and history. Search results are highlighted to speed up result lookup. Changes/updates to archive can be conveniently performed with the Windows shell integration features. Support is provided to allow user to set up automatic update of any folder/drive in user-designated archive at user-designated time! MCA also works on all major Operating Systems to allow user archive contents of all personal computers, regardless of the OS on them.

MCA is also a special donateware where all proceeds are directly donated to charity, while all developement effort and server maintanence are provided by the software authors. For more details on this unique software licensing model, please see Registration, Donation to charity, and Questions and Answers sections.

Latest MCA version is V1.02 and supports all major Operation Systems: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, Linux, Unix flavors (AIX, HP-UX, Solaris etc.) and Mac OS X (currently Windows and Linux OSs are the platforms actively supported and tested upon).

For any update to MCA please check Download page.