Authors for MJ's CD Archiver

The authors for MJ's CD Archiver are Dr. Mingyi Liu and Dr. Jun Xu. I (Mingyi) started the project initially, mainly because there was not a good freeware program that could meet my needs to archive my backup data files on CDs and duplicate files on multiple hard drives. I named the fully functional prototype I quickly developed as "Mingyi's CD Archiver". I was going to make it a freeware and hoped to make it better than most, if not all, of the software out there that are in the same niche.

While I was striving for the latter goal, I had a great idea: instead of making it a freeware, why not make it such that it would be free to anyone who'd donate to a charity that helps kids, who needs the money more than most people? I know how hard life has always been for a huge number of kids in the rural China, which is still vastly underdeveloped and in deep poverty. These kids never even had a chance to get basic education, let alone enjoying the modern life technology/luxury that we take for granted. As a result, I decided to offer the software as a special donateware, an idea that also excited Dr. Xu who joined in and made significant contribution to MCA performance optimization and registration implementation. Thus it is natural the software was renamed to "MJ's CD Archiver" (which also saves me trouble from making new icons :)). Aside from Dr. Xu's great help, I also appreciate much the suggestions from our beta testers including Alex Nip. I would also like to thank Mr. Mao of NACEF (North America Chinese Education Foundation) whose efforts in promoting China's Project Hope in U.S. and establishing payment accounts accepting donation from MCA users helped make the donatware idea possible.

We hope this little vision of ours could get more popular among software developers and users and eventually help the people in a way even better than freeware.